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Brush Cleaner (Viking), 16 oz,

Brush Cleaner (Viking), 16 oz, Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 156-0006-16
Price: $6.90
Your Price: $6.90 NET
- 16 oz, For Acrylics. Linda Lover's Recommendation: "Even before opening the container of the new Viking Woodcrafts Brush Cleaner, I was extremely pleased to read on the label that it is odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable. I could detect no odor upon pouring some into a disposable plastic cup. I found it to be a super cleaner for my brushes used with acrylic paints. After a painting session, the bristles cleaned up really well and, as I did a final rinse in cold water, it was evident that the paint was also cleaned out of the ferrule band. As an experiment, I left one of my brushes dry for 24 hours with paint still in it. Afterwards I let it soak in the brush cleaner, swishing it around occasionally until the paint loosened from the bristles. After rinsing in cool water and a gentle squeeze to reshape it, this brush was usable once again. To maintain the qualities of longevity and performance in brushes, proper care is essential and the basis for that is thorough cleaning. Viking Woodcrafts Brush Cleaner is the perfect conditioning cleaner for all brushes used with acrylic, latex or water based products.", By
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